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I worked as a researcher/writer for Tom Ang’s excellent ‘The Complete Photographer’ book for Dorling Kindersley (published 2010). I was responsible for providing additional content that included researching timelines for each of the 10 genre sections as well as writing profiles of ‘Must-See Masters’, photographers who are leaders in their field. There’s a really nice review of the book here. Especially pleased that the reviewer appreciated the timelines, they took forever to research.


Piotr Naskrecki, Poland (1965-)
A combination of being the smallest in his class at school and a pair of thick glasses contributed to his rather cruel nickname of The Insect. But Naskrecki had the last laugh becoming a world-renowned conservation biologist who could not only write about his subject with authority, but also bring the unique beauty of creatures smaller than a human finger nail to life with his unique close-up photography. Undertaking expeditions to remote locations in Latin America, Africa, Australia, and the South Pacific, his pioneering camera techniques present astonishing images of the planet’s rarest and most unusual inhabitants, many never photographed before.


Holly Wilmeth, Guatemala (1977-)
The daughter of a farmer, Wilmeth spent her childhood living between the city and jungles and agricultural plains of Central America. After graduating in Political Science and Languages, she lived inJapanfor two years teaching English in rural communities. In 2003 she returned to the US where she took up photography as a career, but her wanderlust continues to see her visit many remote corners of the world from Mongolia to Mexico, where she is based. Wilmeth is a prolific and incredibly diverse photographer, and her passion for different cultures shines through in her rich, quirky imagery.


Ryan Schude, USA (1979-)
Born in Chicago, Schude┬ámoved to California to study for a business degree in 1997. Quickly realizing that the corporate world wasn’t for him, he headed for The San Francisco Art Institute where he studied photography, briefly, before working as an editorial photographer and then picture editor for San Diego magazine, The Daily Bread. His work reinvents the tableau, merging a fine art sensibility with a sleek commercial finish to produce rich imagery that contains multiple stories in a single shot. Based in Los Angeles, his acclaimed work blurs the edges between editorial, advertising, and fine art photography.

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