The Human League

Long story short, but a couple of years ago I wrote this piece for the first issue of a magazine called Electronic, a title dedicated to covering, well, electronic music old and new. In their wisdom the publishers, Future, were in negotiations to sell their entire music stable and the fallout meant Electronic didn’t make it to issue two.

Thankfully, the mag lives on as an independent online venture called Electronic Sound. You can find out more about this fine publication at

This is the original opening spread for the piece on the making of The Human League’s ‘Dare’ album. If you’re squinting to read it, the full feature is available to read over at the Electronic Sound website.

The story of ‘Dare’ is a well trodden path, but I hope I’ve brought something new to the table by looking at the key decisions that led to one of most influential albums of the last 30 years. It features all-new interviews with The League’s excellent Jo Callis, their manager Bob Last, Virgin Records A&R Simon Draper, studio engineer Dave Allen and producer Martin Rushent’s PA Carri Mallard.

The Rushent family, in particular Tim and James, were especially helpful in opening doors a lot faster than I could have opened them. It was hugely enjoyable to write, my specialist subject on ‘Mastermind’ would probably now be The Human League 1979-1984.

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